Chris MacCharles


      Chris  began tattooing in 1999. Working at various shops throughout Southern California in the early part of his career, he had the opportunity to work with some of the artists  that he admired early on. 

     As he matured as an artist he began to study and focus on large-scale traditional American and Japanese tattooing. As he progressed in the craft, him and his artwork began to become noticed. During that time he had some of his work published in Tattoo Magazine, International Tattoo Art Magazine, and also did an interview on industry related topics that was published in the Inland Empire Weekly.

      By 2006 Chris and his wife Jamie had started a family and as the family grew the idea of working in a family friendly tattoo studio started to become necessary. In 2010 he began to lay the ground work for a one of a kind tattoo shop that would be a friendly, welcoming environment open to people from the biker to the banker, grandmother or his own kids. Finally in 2011, Chris and Jamie opened the doors to Breakthrough Tattoo. Since then he and his crew have strived to build an maintain a unique studio that allows the artist and clients to work together in a relaxed atmosphere to achieve the best results possible for each and every tattoo aspiration.